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Music Education Supplies (MES) is a specialist supplier of percussion instruments to the primary school market. With over 18 years Primary Education experience, MES can help you choose resources to suit any budget. At MES we have been inspired by visiting so many schools, conferences and workshops to see the exciting opportunities available to children in music education. We have taken on board ideas and advice from music specialists, music advisors and ASTs around the country. We hope our selection of resources will both inspire you and provide you with everything you need to get your pupils singing, playing, performing, composing and learning the place of music across all subjects. How easy is it to learn anything when you put it to music!

Brand new exclusives...

We are very excited to be bringing you our most varied selection of new and exclusive resources yet! We couldn't have done it without listening to your feedback and ideas and how you teach music.

There are over 40 new resources this year to help you with your music lessons, from big drums to CD sets and colourful class sets to brand new recorders. Here is a small selection. Look out for the rest around the website...

MES Maestro

We wanted to introduce a range of recorders that is affordable for today's increasingly tight budgets but still great quality. So we created MES Maestro! The experts have helped us pick two descant models. Choose from the classy black and cream or go for something different with the rosewood-look model.

Celebration Drums

The popular gathering drum is now available with different colours and designs to inspire all sorts of activities and games across the Early Years and Primary range. Now available with 90, 60 and 40cm diameters.

Crocodile Glock

Brighten up your tuned percussion with this beautifully crafted crocodile. Use it on the desk or hang it up, either inside or outside. The rope through the middle allows children to change the shape of the layout and each bar spins. 11 notes, C-F.

Music Trolley

The MES Music Trolley makes it easy to store different resources and move them easily around the school, both indoors and outdoors. The wipe clean, magnetic, removeable whiteboard has the lines of the stave on so you can conduct your music lesson, even with limited space. Space for large and small instruments is included. Children can clearly see the instruments available making it easier for them to choose what they want and carefully put things away.

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Rhythm Class Pack

Rhythm Class Pack
Relay batons make perfect rhythm sticks! Set of 30 pairs

Giant Xylophone

Giant Xylophone
Take the joy of music-making outdoors and gather all your pupils round this beautiful, hand-crafted Xylophone.

"The Animal Boogie" Song Sack

"The Animal Boogie" Song Sack
A selection of instruments & masks to make music to The Animal Boogie.

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